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Grand View College

As we celebrate these past 50 years, we also look forward to the next. In that search for the future, we have entered into a one-year, collaborative agreement with Grand View College. Two of our main stage productions - "Book of Days" and "The Taming of the Shrew" will be produced in conjunction with the college in Grand View's Viking Theatre. A third Workshop production - "The Lion in Winter" - will also be produced at the Viking. (The season's remaining productions will be performed at the Civic Center's Stoner Studio Theatre.) This collaboration will allow the Drama Workshop and Grand View College to combine resources and talents, with Drama Workshop staff and volunteers serving as mentors to Grand View students who are committed to careers in theatre. It also allows the Workshop the opportunity to produce shows in a dynamic new performance space, while we build towards the long-term goal of acquiring a permanent home of our own.

The Viking Theatre is located in the Grand View College Student Center at 2811 East 14th Street in Des Moines. Parking is available on the west side of East 14th Street. The theatre space is more spacious than the Stoner, but retains the same sense of intimacy in staging, as it is designed for seating in the round or thrust.

We are thrilled with the prospect of working with Grand View and invite you to join us on this journey and adventure.